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Our recent adventure takes us to Claremont, North Carolina, manufacturing home of the Whiteside Machine CompanyWith over 50 employees, their accumulative knowledge is over 200 years of experience just from the tool grinders, brazers, and blasters alone.

Clark holds the 1022 Straight Cut Double Flute Router Bit 3/8″ D X 1″ CL 2-1/2″ OL, Woodcraft Item #24A08and the 1955 Rabbeting Router Bit Set with 1/2″ Shank, Woodcraft Item #143223.

Bill Whiteside, President of Whiteside Machine Company, began the business in 1970 with a general machine shop located in the basement of his home, repairing manual machines for furniture factories. He acquired his first CNC machine in 1984 for his Hickory, NC facility.

Due to volume output, Bill moved the business in 1985 to the current location in Claremont.

They are currently busting at the seams with many CNC’s, grinders, and laser machines filling their floor space today. This CNC turning machine, roughs down the stock blanks for overall finishing.

The CNC below flutes the router blank in preparation for carbide tipping,


Off to the welding department to add the carbide tips with induction 1200 degree welding,

Manual grinding is next to hone in the required diameters,

As stated previously, Whiteside also manufactures carbide and high speed tool bits.

A final manufacturing step of laser engraving, adds the specific part number to the shank, and Whiteside name to the tool.

Whiteside is proud of the fact that they are Woodcraft’s first retail outlet to date. Whiteside Machine offers products to both the industrial and consumer markets. You may find Whiteside’s quality made products at all Woodcraft stores, and online.

For additional information on the Whiteside Machine Company and product line, you may contact Woodcraft’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-225-1153 or the Product Support Department, dial 1-800-535-4486.

Our next adventure takes us to Alabama for the “Extreeeeeeme” Garage Shop Makeover interview, and preview of Woodcraft Magazine’s October/November Issue #43 with Senior Editor, Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk.

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