Wall-Mounted Clamp Racks

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Strong, compact storage for pipe clamps and bar clamps

Designers: Paul Anthony and Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk

Overall dimensions: 34"w × 109⁄16"d × 10"h

Pipe clamps and bar clamps can be a real pain to store in a shop. They’re heavy, unwieldy, and space-hungry, especially if hung single file on a wall. Of all the clamp racks I’ve encountered over the past few decades, this one brightly outshines the rest, allowing you to stack clamps a half dozen or so deep, saving serious wall space. The rack is both strong and simple to make, consisting of gusset-shaped brackets glued and screwed to a backboard that’s either mounted on French cleats, as shown here, or screwed directly to wall studs.

This 34"-long rack handles up to 25 pipe clamps or 30 parallel jaw clamps. If you need more storage, simply extend the length of the rack.

Note in Figure 1 that the spacing between the bracket pairs shown in the drawing accommodates standard 3⁄4" pipe clamps and parallel jaw clamps with a 11⁄8"-wide bar. If your clamps differ, measure the outside pipe diameter or bar width, and add 1⁄8" to that to determine the spacing between the pair of brackets.

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