Two-Sided Gameboard

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Double the unplugged fun

In these days of smart phones and video game consoles, it’s easy to forget there are a lot of classic games out there that don’t require electricity, are lots of fun, and involve some real personal interaction. This double-sided game board has provisions for three such games. One side features a sixty-four square grid for checkers or chess, while the other side is drilled for Chinese checkers. For those unfamiliar with Chinese checkers, the object is to move all your marbles from one side of the board to the other before your opponent(s) can move theirs. The complete rules are available on our website.

Making the board is a straightforward affair that involves carefully constructing some templates and then using them to rout the holes and lines that create the playing areas. Take your time when making the templates so the subsequent cuts are crisp and uniform. 

The checkerboard grid is colored with TransTint dyes. These concentrated dyes are mixed with alcohol and make coloring wood a cinch. The routed lines between the squares are painted first to make it easier to keep the colors only where you want them. 

I’ve made several dozen of these boards and find they make excellent gifts for youngsters and newlyweds alike.

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