Tips & Tricks Issue 95: Small Parts Hold-Down

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This article is from Issue 95 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Even with a crosscut sled, trimming small parts on my table saw requires placing my fingers uncomfortably close to the blade. For safety, I made this simple handheld hold-down, which consists of a riser block screwed to a beam. The beam provides downward pressure on a workpiece while keeping my hands out of harm’s way. To maximize workpiece contact, the thickness of the riser should equal the workpiece thickness. To increase stability and grip, I glued thin rubber scraps to the undersides of the riser and beam end. The hold-down also works to secure small pieces at my power miter saw. It’s helpful to have at the ready several of these hold-downs, with risers of different thickness.

—Bill Schneider, Athens, OH


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