Tips & Tricks Issue 95: Flush-Routing Risers

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This article is from Issue 95 of Woodcraft Magazine.

I recently built a large slab table that required a lot of epoxy filling. I devised this router jig to help with the leveling of the hardened epoxy. The jig consists of four polycarbonate pieces screwed to a couple of maple risers as shown, creating a 11⁄2 × 6" opening in the center. To use the jig, I first outfit my router with a 3/4" -diameter straight bit and a 1"-diameter guide bushing. Then I position the jig over a lump of hardened epoxy and place the router atop the jig with the bushing corralled by the polycarbonate. After adjusting the bit to just skirt the surface of the work, leveling the epoxy is a simple matter of pushing the router back and forth, moving the jig, and repeating.

—David Diaman, Bel Air, MD


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