Tips & Tricks Issue 84: Pipettes Hit The Target

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This article is from Issue 84 of Woodcraft Magazine.

I find that when I need to neatly apply a thin glue or solvent, a plastic pipette is just the tool for the job. These squeezable lab dispensers, with their tiny tips, work great for targeted applications of thin or medium viscosity cyanoacrylate (CA) glue (“super glue”) when filling cracks or making repairs. They’re also perfect for discharging a small stream of naphtha between a template and workpiece to release double-faced tape securing the two. And if I need to concoct a dye stain recipe, I can use them to add carefully controlled drops of this and that color to a sample mix. Pipettes are inexpensive, and available from, as well as other online sources.

—Bil Mitchell, Riegelsville, Pennsylvania


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