Tips & Tricks Issue 83: Router Parking Pad

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This article is from Issue 83 of Woodcraft Magazine.

router Parking Pad

I designed this fixture as a place to park a router in use. It protects the installed bit and provides easy access to collet wrenches and additional bits. Built to the dimensions shown, the larger pad will accommodate most mid-size and large routers, but size your unit to suit your machines. The smaller pad accepts trim routers and other small machines with bases up to about 5" in diameter. Make the 2-tier pad assembly first, joining the parts with dadoes. Then position the smallest router you’ll use in each section in turn, and mark the location of each bit centerpoint. Drill a 1"-dia. hole at each of those points, and cut out the pads where shown using a jigsaw. After kerfing and drilling the base for the wrenches and bits, screw it to the pad assembly.

—Joe Hurst, senior editor


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    I can see doing this IF you hang it in a shop using French cleats..
    Looks like a really great idea, very handy and will definitely add a safety factor as well. Will build very soon. Thanks, Jester

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