The FESTOOL Domino Jointing System Now At Woodcraft

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DOMINO Jointing System

At last a system that joins everything! 

DOMINO Movements (Animation)

DOMINO Biscuit Jointer  


Benefits And Features 

At A Glance 


Each system has its advantages...

Round dowels. The traditional solution for frames and racks. Round dowels are among some of the most important jointing elements used in furniture assembly. However, because round dowels do not allow for misalignment, exact positioning is usually required with bench-mounting or semi-stationary machines.

Biscuit dowels. A standard feature on boards for decades.

 Biscuit dowels are positioned on the scribe line, usually using handheld machines. Because biscuit dowels are shorter than the routed grooves, a slight offset does not pose a problem when the dowel is inserted as the joint can be moved. However, this does require additional alignment when gluing.


... but only one system has them all.

The DOMINO jointing system. An essential component in wooden jointing.

More versatile: suitable both for panel joins and jointing frames and racks.

More stable: the special shape and large surface area for gluing on the DOMINO dowel ensure maximum stability. 

Quicker: the first dowel hole is aligned with extreme ease and route accurately using stop pins. It secures the joined work pieces immediately, accurately and flush with the edge. 


The DOMINO system also tolerates smaller inaccuracies in adjacent dowel holes, allowing you to work even more quickly and easily.

DOMINO jointing system. More versatile, more stable, faster.

As unique as the whole system: the DOMINO biscuit jointer DF 500

The DOMINO jointing systems combines exceptional versatility with simple handling and maximum precision. The DOMINO biscuit jointer demonstrates this in every detail.

1. Efficient dust extraction. Extracts up to 95% of chips generated 1)

2. Depth stop. Quick, precise adjustment for five different routing depths.

3. Routing height adjuster with scale. Simple, precise routing height adjustment. 

4. Movable stepped stop. Height adjuster for central hole in material thicknesses: 16, 20, 22, 25, 28, 40mm..

5. Retractable stop pins. For quick and precise positioning of the first DOMINO dowel on both work pieces.


1) Source: Festool testing laboratory, July 2005.

6. Refined technology. High-quality, robust inner mechanism for consistently accurate routing results. 

7. Patented routing principle. Route long hole in an instant thanks to the simultaneous turning and oscillating movement. No kickbacks. 

8. Mitre routing. Catch positions at 0°, 22.5°, 45°, 67.5° and 90° as well as infinitely variable routing angles from 0 to 90°. 

9. Correct position. Precise positioning and accurate routing with the viewing window. 

10. Hole width selection. Easy to adjust while the biscuit jointer is operating: fixed long hole (1) or with clearance (2).


DOMINO Jointing System

     At last a system that joins everything! 

As solid as a mortise and tenon joint,  but more variable and quicker: the DOMINO dowel.

DOMINO is a new unique jointing system. The system consists of the DOMINO dowel jointer, recently developed by Festool, and a loose spigot in the shape of the oval DOMINO dowel.

The DOMINO jointing system is suitable both for panel joints and frame and rack joints. The simple placement of the DOMINO dowel allows for the economical production of individual parts and small batches, for chairs, tables and shelving.


4. A perfect fit. Thanks to an accurately-routed long hole and special DOMINO groove geometry.

5. 100% rotation-proof. Right from the first DOMINO dowel.

6. Maximum stability. Thanks to the shape of the DOMINO dowel, designed with expanding glue slots and side grooves.

1. Panel joints. Quick, solid joints, no alignment required when gluing.

2. Frame joints. Insertion of several DOMINO dowels provides maximum stability for heavily loaded frame components. 

3. Rack joints. Suitable for work pieces with dimensions greater than 15 x 22 mm.

DOMINO dowels bear the Pan European Forest Council (PEFC) quality seal for wood products originating from sustainable, well-maintained, responsible forest cultivation.


DOMINO jointing

          system. At last a system that joins everything.

More versatile, more stable, faster.

The advantages of the DOMINO jointing system at a glance.

   Pendulum principle


No other machine routes like the DOMINO biscuit jointer. 

The routing movement of the DOMINO biscuit jointer is unique among hand-held machines. A special feature of the jointer is the simultaneous turning and oscillating movement of the routing tool – a patented principle that up to now has only been available on expensive stationary machines.


Quick and accurate work.

For example, with panel joins:

1Route fixing holes accurately using the stop pins (A) on the DOMINO biscuit jointer.2.Route all adjacent long holes with clearance on the scribe line via the viewing window (B). The wider routed hole compensated for any inaccuracies that may occur when the biscuit jointer is positioned on the work piece. 3Insert the DOMINO dowel.4.Assembly the work pieces for gluing. No further alignment is required

Hole width


Switch position

Long hole with clearance

Both variable and precise: quick re-adjustment of the routing width during work for greater flexibility.



Routing as never before. Business as usual.

Effective accessories to make your work easier.

Trim stop

Cross stop

Support braket

DOMINO jointing system. At last a system that joins everything.  


DOMINO assortment

Maximum joint stability. The oval DOMINO shape has a large gluing area and guarantees maximum stability. The DOMINO is as stable as a tongue-and-groove joint, but much quicker to manufacture and more variable, especially in frame and rack assembly. 

Load test: oak corner joints. Conventional solutions versus DOMINO.lways the right DOMINO dowel to hand.

Whether in the workshop or the assembly location – all sizes of DOMINO dowels are clearly arranged and easy to find in the DOMINO assortment Systainer. The complete jointer bit assortment is also included on the scope of delivery. DOMINO dowels and cutters are easy to recognize because of the color code on the packaging.

Load applied/kg

Load path

DOMINO top-up packs each contain DOMINO dowels in size. 

Glued joint breaks after 2.1 mm (120 kg)

Glued joint breaks after 2.3 mm (150 kg)

Test stop 14 mm (145 kg) 

The DOMINO glued joint is still stable at 145


The contents of the pack are divided into six plastic bags. One bag fits perfectly into the compartments in an assortment Systainer.

  The right DOMINO dowel for every application.

DOMINO dowel size

Routing depths

The DOMINO dowel is available in 5 sizes for a wide range of application and material thicknesses. 

The depth stop on the DOMINO biscuit jointer allows you to route pairs of hole so that the DOMINO dowel can be accommodated either centrally of offset. 

DOMINO jointing system.  

More versatile, more stable, faster. 



Furniture manufacturing

Shop fitting/ interior fitting

Window manufacturing

Exhibition stand construction

Frame and rack joints

Panel joins

One system for all panel, frame and rack joints

Patented routing principle unique to handheld machines for accurate work with no kickbacks

Stops that are easy and quick to adjust, for accurate results

Rotation-proof joint with DOMINO dowels providing maximum stability

5 dowel sizes for different material thickness and applications

Efficient extraction of up to 95% of chips generated



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