Sled-Style Tapering Jig

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A simple sliding sled for making legs safely

Using a tablesaw to cut tapered legs isn’t rocket science, but some jigs make the job a lot harder than it needs to be. Those simple hinge-bar tapering jigs are awkward to use. Trying to hold the blank against the jig and keep the jig against the fence while making the cut is too much of struggle.

My sled-style tapering jig makes the process safe and nearly foolproof. Adjustable cams allow for exact positioning to match cutlines, and shop-made aluminum hold-downs prevent the work from shifting in mid-cut. A runner attached to the underside of the base ensures that the jig and workpiece slide smoothly and safely past the blade. Last but not least, a comfortable plane-style handle helps keep fingers away from the saw blade.

Note that my jig in these photos is a bit different than the one shown in the drawing. I made my jig from parts on hand. The drawing shows an improved version made from readily available materials (see the Convenience Plus Buying Guide).

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