T-Square Router Guide

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T-Square Router Guide

Clamping flanges make all the difference

Routing dadoes across panels requires some kind of straightedge guide for the router. A T-square guide is a great tool for the job because registering the crossbar against the edge of the workpiece automatically positions the fence at 90° to the edge. But a typical T-square guide can be difficult to clamp in place. When faced with routing shelf dadoes in some relatively small, curved shelf sides (see page 52), I decided to design a guide that would be quicker and easier to use. The secret? Clamping flanges. Glued to the top surface of the crossbar, these cantilevered strips enable me to clamp the jig to the work, and the work to the bench at the same time. I can eliminate the hassle of clamping the workpiece to the bench and then clamping the jig to the workpiece. The flanges are such an improvement that I seldom use my standard T-square guides anymore.

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