Space-Saving Knife Block

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Create safe and convenient storage for your go-to cutlery.

Overall dimensions: 91⁄2"w × 121⁄4"d × 31⁄8"h

A knife block is one of the most convenient (and safest) ways of storing kitchen cutlery, but not every home can afford to allocate counter space to a big chunk of wood. In tight kitchens, many cooks relegate knives to a drawer in order to accommodate toasters, coffee makers, mixers, and other counter appliances. That might suffice for common cutlery, but my super-sharp set of custom-handled Zhen knives deserved something special.

To showcase my handiwork, I designed this space-saving knife block to mount to the bottom of a kitchen wall cabinet. Now, my best knives are always within easy reach. Rareearth magnets hold the blades within the block, which can also rotate inward beneath the cabinet to protect the handles from accidental contact.

To customize a block to your needs, first decide on the most serviceable arrangement for the knives you want to store, which may require changing the overall dimensions to suit. Then make the needed templates and rout the slots. After that, it’s simply a matter of assembling, finishing, and installing

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