How to use the Resin Casting Pressure Pot by California Air Tools

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In this video our product manager Ben Bice walks you through everything you need to know about the Resin Casting Pressure Pot by California Air Tools. You can use it to safely create 100% bubble-free castings, as well as when casting resin with wood and/or other substrates, which requires deep penetration into cavities. 

This heavy-duty pressure pot features a Teflon® coated steel tank for easy cleanup, removable casters for added stability, and an on/off ball valve and pressure regulator for accurate pressure settings. 

With a 5-gallon capacity and maximum operating pressure of 60 PSI, this pressure pot can accommodate almost any casting project. 

Tank is equipped with a safety relief valve to protect the tank from excessive pressures. Maximum tank pressure is 80 PSI. Air hose inlet is a 1/4" connection. 

Tank measurements are: exterior 16" W x 24-1/2" H; interior 13" W x 14-3/4" H.

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  • WB from Knoxville
    Why a pressure pot instead of a vacuum pot? What is the benefit of vs the other?
  • EO from CRYSTAL
    WB from Knoxville: If the casting resin has any kind of thickness to it, the air it pulls out will create bubbles that stack and it will eventually "boil" over. Besides being a mess, it could get into the value used to pull air from the chamber, down the hose, and even to the pump. A pressure pot won't have this problem, but it has all the dangers that come with a pressurized container. Here's a good example from ShopTime with Peter Brown:
  • RM
    I use dried nitrogen in my HVAC/R installs. Its inert and does not carry any moisture/contaminants. I assume this would be a better option to an air compressor if available. Any conflicting opinions?
    I have my new pressure pot & am checking it out. Unfortunately, my standard air hose connection won't fit the inlet. The inlet connections are tight beyond my ability to loosen them. Do you know of a connector ?hose? to join what I expect is metric to American?
  • WA from STANWOOD
    My air compressor has an oil & water separator. If yours does not they can be bought at woodcraft or I have seen them advertised at Harbor Freight Tools . They would take care of any moisture problems in the resin.

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