Reader Gallery: Issue 89

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This article is from Issue 89 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Welcome to our new reader gallery. We’ll use this space to showcase what you’re up to. Whether you build one of our projects as shown, or use them as inspiration to create something new, we want to see it. See below for details on how to share your work. Enjoy!

George Mansfield, Spicewood, Texas

Black walnut duo. Mansfield built the Tiny Treasure Box from issue 83 (June/July 2017) using black walnut and curly maple. The dulcimer from Make a Mountain Dulcimer in issue 80 (Dec/Jan 2018) was made using black walnut for the soundbox and fret board, and poplar for the soundboard.

David Morman, via email

Same technique, new look. Using red oak, Morman modified the Dynamite Dining Table, Done Easy from issue 78 (Aug/Sept 2017) to make this glass-topped hall table.

David Donaldson, Anchorage, Alaska

Dynamo drummer. Donaldson modified the Dynamo Men Lamp, issue 74 (Dec/Jan 2017) to immortalize his son’s band.

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