Powermatic's ArmorGlide Technology - Info + Video

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It Will Change the Way You Work

Powermatic has introduced a game-changing innovation for woodworkers: its new ArmorGlide Technology. It is an industrial-strength coating used in select Powermatic bandsaws, table saws, and jointers, giving them low-friction work surfaces, rust resistance, and eliminating some maintenance needs. ArmorGlide coating is exceptionally durable, able to withstand 250,000 passes without showing signs of wear. Check out some of the details:  

ArmorGlide - no polished cast iron glare

Enhanced Visibility. ArmorGlide’s dark surface reduces glare, so you can see your workpiece-and where you are cutting-better. No more polished cast iron glare!  

ArmorGlide provides a low-friction work surface.

Low Friction Work Surfaces. ArmorGlide reduces friction by 50%, allowing you to move wood across the table with less effort and more control. 

ArmorGlide is rust resistant.

Rust Resistant. ArmorGlide prevents rust by 99%, removing the need to worry about rust, and letting you ditch that steel wool!  

ArmorGlide is maintenance-free.

Maintenance Free. ArmorGlide eliminates the need for waxes or cleaning supplies. Simply wipe the table with a cloth and continue working.  

For More Information

If you have questions about Powermatic's new ArmorGlide Technology, please email our Tech Support folks at tech@woodcraft.com, or call 800-535-4486. 

Check out the array of Powermatic Bandsaws, Table Saws, and Jointers, featuring ArmorGlide, below. 

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