Pinnacle Honing Guide

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Most of us have at one time or another struggled to get a chisel or plane blade razor sharp at just the right angle. The numerous sharpening jigs on the market all claim to help you do just what else is new? The Pinnacle Honing Guide is what’s new.  You’ll get perfect results first and every time, it’s easy to set up and use, it works with oil or water stones, diamond or ceramic, and even the Scary Sharp system.


Firm hold for precise sharpening

The guide is comprized of a sled and a set of rails.  The sled’s primary function is to firmly hold the tool at one of six preset primary bevel angles (15˚, 20˚, 25˚, 30˚, 35˚, and 40˚) while at the same time not permitting any roll or yaw (rounded corners).  Unlike conventional guides, it won’t allow oversharpening which changes the actual angle of you tool.  You never have to worry about a distorted bevel again.  Set 20˚ on the sled, put in your blade, and 20˚ is what you get.  There are also six +2˚ secondary bevel positions for creating micro bevel edges.  It is possible to use the sled by itself, without the rails, with honing film lying on a granite or glass surface plate.  


Rail system attachs to virtually any stone

The primary function of the sled doesn’t change whether used by itself or with the rails.  However, the rails permit the use of almost any bench stone from a 180-grit fine India to an 8000-grit Japanese water stone. The other major advantage to the rails is that with them yoiu can use almost all of the stone’s surface, something that’s impossible with your average sharpening guide.  

    For a super sharp edge, I recommend the Pinnacle Honing Plate and Honing Film.  These sheets of very fine abrasive paper (.3 to 15 microns) will take the sharpness of your tools to a level you’ve never experienced before.

      The beauty of the Pinnacle Honing Guide is its accuracy, repeatability and versatility. Whatever sharpening medium you prefer, the Pinnacle Honing Guide will enable you to obtain the sharpest edge possible with surprizing accuracy and ease. 


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