News & Views Issue 93: Missing the Mark

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This article is from Issue 93 of Woodcraft Magazine.

My system was missing from the Maker’s Mark story in the Dec/Jan 2020 issue. Since the 1970s, I’ve marked my work by signing and dating freehand with a wood-burning tool. I recommend the Wall Lenk Woodburning Pen.

—Wes Demmon, DeWitt, IA

I stamp the back of my work after the final sanding and before applying a finish. A stamp can be easily made from a black and white drawing; the trick is to find a thicker ink that doesn’t run with the grain. I order from The Stampin’ Place ( and use Versacraft ink.

—Chris Gilbertson, Houghton, MI

For signing your work, consider a self-contained ink stamp. Purchased at a local office supply store, you can design a graphic and pick a font style for under $25. The stamps work well directly on the project, but I sometimes use pre-cut self-adhesive labels.

—Dwayne Smyth, West Springfield, MA


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