News & Views Issue 93: A Different Spin on the Circle-Cutting Jig

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This article is from Issue 93 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Bill Schneider’s bandsaw circle-cutting jig (Oct/Nov 2019) inspired me to make my own version (see photos below). The pivot bar sits flush with the base’s surface on my modified sled. On the underside of the bar, I attached a 1" × 1/4"-20 threaded rod that passes through a slot in the base. A fixture knob threads onto the rod to hold the position. Pivot holes every two inches along the bar allow cutting diameters from 1" to 48". An epoxied rare earth magnet in the travel stop helps to hold the base steady while the jig is in use. And a 1" hole where the blade cuts allows better dust collection, especially when I remember to remove the bandsaw’s throat plate before using the jig.

—Edward Koizumi, Oak Park, IL


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