News & Views Issue 92: Lids for the 3-Top Box

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This article is from Issue 92 of Woodcraft Magazine.

I like the small box project featured in the Aug/Sept 2019 issue, and I’ve already built several. Instead of making box parts from vertical grain fir, I used quartersawn oak, which shows off the same straight grain appearance. I made my box lids 1/4" thick, as indicated in the drawing on p. 25. But in the photo on the facing page, the lids stand slightly proud of the sides. This would indicate that the lids are thicker, or that the rabbets are shallower. Which dimension is correct?

—Dave Wasserman, Philadelphia, PA

Matt Kenney replies:

The lid thickness dimension in the drawing is incorrect. I deliberately make my lids thicker (5/16") than the rabbet depth so that a narrow-painted band will show when the lids are in place. Many of the boxes I build have painted accents; it’s fun to develop a design that allows these contrasting details to complement the color and grain of the wood.


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