New & Notable: Issue 3

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This article is from Issue 3 of Woodcraft Magazine.

(prices are approximate)

Get Precise on Big Work

Veritas Large Shoulder Plane

Multi-positional front and rear knobs solve the usual handling problems and allow complete control. $169

Roll Around the Shop

HTC 3000 Heavy Duty Universal Base

Foot-operated fixed wheel and leveling floor locks are featured on this easy-rolling base that supports machines up to 700 lbs. $100

Store & See Small Parts

Stainless Steel Canisters

Press-on lids with clear acrylic inserts top these unbreakable, handy 2" and 3" canisters. $2

Quickly Mark Dovetails

Lie-Nielsen Dovetail Marker

Brass and rosewood tool lays out accurate slopes of 1:6 and 1:7. $25

Pop In Square Stock

Beall Chuck Puck

Sturdy little gadget saves you the trouble of turning down square stock to fit in your chuck. $12

Protect & Beautify 

Liberon Black Bison Wax

Paste and liquid versions enhance wood’s natural beauty and keep it from drying out. $20

Keep It All Straight

Kreg Precision Bandsaw Fence

Easily detachable and adjustable in two dimensions, this fence boasts a precision lens cursor and optional micro-adjuster. $120

Reduce Vibration

Wolverine Precision Balancing System

Compensates for out-of-round wheels and variations in wheel thickness and density for a quieter, smoother-running grinder. $58

Keep Food Safe

Mahoney’s Walnut Oil

Developed by renowned turner Mike Mahoney, this completely food-safe finish is perfect for bowls, butcher blocks and wooden utensils. $10

Turn Something Small

Nova Precision Midi Chuck

Ideal for the production of smaller pieces, the 50mm jaws tighten with just one turn. $120

Rout Dovetails

Porter-Cable 12" Dovetail Jig

Setup is a snap with its patented alignment lines and router bit depth stop. $110

Clamp with Compression

The Vac-Clamp

Hooked up to your compressed air supply, it holds wood and other nonporous objects completely stationary, even in a vertical position. $55

Veneer with Raw Wood

Pro-Glue Veneer Softener

Spray or brush this odor-free formula on brittle, buckled or curved veneers for easy manipulation. $9/pint

Sharpen Everything

Shapton Professional Series Water Stones

A high-density, slow-wearing set of stones with grits from 120 to an unprecedented 30,000.  $53-$636

Adjust for Dust

Hose & pipe hanger

Economical, adjustable plastic J hooks keep your dust collection system neatly pinned to the wall. $2

Cut a Clean Edge

Lie-Nielsen Chisels

The handles of these bevel-edge socket chisels provide excellent comfort and balance, while the blades are forged of ultra-hard A-2 steel. Rosewood handles optional. $250, set of five


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