New & Notable: Issue 18

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This article is from Issue 18 of Woodcraft Magazine.

New & Notable

(Prices are approximate. Most items available at

Maximize Your Space

HTC Port-A-Mate Miter Saw WorkCenter

Make the most of your shop space with this work center that accommodates benchtop miter saws, planers, bandsaws, scroll saws and more. Universal machinery mounts snap securely to the aluminum top for fast, easy tool changes. Legs fold for handy storage and transport. $250

Improve Your Dadoes

CMT Dado Pro Set

Make precise, virtually splinter-free cuts in veneer plywood, melamine, and hard and soft woods with this blade set that featuring an anti-kickback design that reduces the possibility of overfeeding material. Two chipper sizes. $165;

Make Sharpening Simple

WorkSharp 2000 Tool Sharpener 

Professional Tool Manufacturing offers this entry-level model of its dry sharpening system for a variety of woodworking and common blade tools. Features include a 25° fixed bevel angle and 150mm, two-sided Edge-Vision wheel that allows you to see the cutting edge while sharpening. $130

Cut Clean Mortises

Whiteside Metric Solid-Carbide Up-cut Router Bits

This bit’s design pulls waste material from the cut and leaves a flat-bottomed mortise for loose tenon joinery. The production-quality carbide bits deliver accurate cuts without chatter in any wood. Varied cut and shank lengths; metric cutter diameters work with the Festool Domino joinery system. $22-$55

Drill Holes Easily

Pinnacle Shelf Pin Jig

Improve speed and accuracy when drilling shelf pin holes for adjustable shelving in cabinets, bookshelves, and entertainment centers with this high-quality jig designed to maintain settings while moving from one material side to the other. $190

Master Dovetails

Prazi ChestMate Dovetail Jig

Create your own dovetail arrangements with this jig that measures out ¾" to 1" through dovetails using any stock widths, with thicknesses from ½" to 1". $99

Keep Tools Sharp

Spyderco Ceramic Bench Stones

Sharpen and polish a variety of tools from chisels to plane blades with these bench stones that are flat (guaranteed within .002"), broad (2" x 8") and require no lubrication. Each stone comes in a polymer case with nonskid rubber feet that provide a base for tabletop use. Available in medium, fine and ultra-fine grits. $45-$65, set of three $140;

Make Measurements Precise 

Brumley Trim-Gauges

These recently upgraded gauges (4" and 8") function as multipurpose slide rule/level combinations that allow you to quickly and easily capture and transfer precise measurements. $20, $30

Shorten Glue Time

Gorilla Glue Quick Cure

This new Gorilla glue that dries about eight times faster than the original is a good choice for projects that do not need repositioning, but do need adhesive strength. Dries white. 2 oz. size, $5

Boost Holding Power

Kreg Klamping Table

Adjustable locking pliers and an extruded aluminum Klamp Trak securely bolted to a support panel on this table allow you to apply incredible pressure to the joint line when doing face-frame joinery. It’s also great for general hold-down while drilling, routing and other tasks. Klamp Blocks make alignment easy, and the replaceable melamine surface sheds dried glue quickly. $400

Tackle Cutting Confidently

Hunter Carbide Hollowing Tools

Spend more time turning and less at the bench grinder. When the razor-sharp cutting tip dulls, simply loosen and rotate slightly to a new section. Completely worn-out tips are easy to replace. Available in three sizes. $70-$110


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