New & Notable: Issue 17

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This article is from Issue 17 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Prices are approximate.

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Conquer The Math

FastCap ConverterPro Conversion Calculator

This nifty tool lets you add, subtract and multiply fractions, decimal or metric measurements or any combination thereof quickly and accurately. $20

Mine The Metal

Zircon MetalliScanner m40

Wide-field and pinpoint scanning capabilities allow this tool to locate metal studs in lath and plaster walls as well as metal 4" deep in rough lumber, walls, ceilings and floors. $40

Improve Fence Positioning

Wixey Digital Fence Readout

Improve the accuracy of your table saw’s fence with this tool that measures up to 60" and mounts to several brands of T-square and round rail fences. $150


Tackle Compact Tasks

Lie-Nielsen Small Router Plane

Reminiscent of the Stanley 271, this small router plane features a stout ¼" square blade and is ideal for small relief and shallow mortise work. Approximately 4" x 2". $75

Match Veneer

FastCap Custom Color Veneer Punch Kit

Make custom screw cover caps from the same veneer you use on your workpieces. Includes heavy-duty punch tool, cutters 9/16", 11/16" and 3/8" in diameter, flush-mount drill bit, 20 screws and Speedtape. $100

Work More Efficiently

Nova 10-in-1 Workshop Gauge

Combines dovetail, diameter, dowel and bowl chisel gauges, center finder, angle checker, furniture dovetail marking tool, ruler scale, protractor and faceplate marking tool into one device. $10

Sharpen Tools Anywhere

Norton Portable Sharpening System

Everything you need to keep your tools sharp, in a handy case that doubles as a water reservoir. Includes 1000-, 4000-, 8000-grit waterstones, flattening stone and sharpening DVD. Bottom tray stores jigs or tools. $250

Discover Superb Sharpening

DMT Dia-Sharp Steel Waterstone D8EE

Performance is comparable to 8000 mesh traditional waterstones with this new diamond stone that is unbreakable, does not need to be immersed in water for any sharpening task and offers lifetime flatness. $90

Control Miter Saws

Ridgid Miter Saw Utility Vehicle

This redesigned, upgraded MS-UV allows quick, easy removal or placement and setup of most miter saws. $169

Target Small Projects

Proxxon Micro Plunge Router

Designed for small woodworking projects such as jewelry boxes, this micro plunge router features depth adjustment of 0.008" increments and easy router bit changing. Includes six-piece collet set and fence. $90

Manage Marking & Measuring

#1 Odd Job

This pocket-size tool first made by Stanley more than a century ago performs several marking and measuring functions: inside miter and try square, depth gauge, scribing tool for arcs and circles, T-square, depth marking scribe, and plumb level. $35

Keep Tools Sharp

Work Sharp 3000 Tool Sharpener

Achieve consistently accurate results with this innovative dry sharpening system that works for chisels, plane irons, and lathe and carving tools. $200

Cut Melamine Chip-Free

Forrest Concave Face Blade

This blade’s hollow-concave face grind is designed to produce chip-free cuts on both sides of melamine-coated particleboard. Choice of 48, 50 and 60 teeth; 8" to 14" diameters. $139-$249

Add Pocket Space

Blåkläder Work Pants

These durable work pants are available in a variety of colors and fabrics and feature several types of pockets to keep tools secure, easily accessible and safe while working. $50-$80


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