New & Notable: Issue 14

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This article is from Issue 14 of Woodcraft Magazine.

(Prices are approximate. Most items available at

Protect Your Eyes

Fastcap Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes in style with these safety glasses in clear, tinted, amber and mirrored versions. All have shatter-proof wraparound lenses and UV protection. $5

Boost Bonding Options Titebond 

Melamine Glue

Bond melamine and vinyl-coated products to porous materials with this water-based adhesive that has little odor and dries clear. 16 oz. $6; 1 gal. $30

Cut Joints Quickly 

Three-Wing Slotting Cutter Set

This seven-piece set routs slots, grooves and rabbets, making it ideal for biscuit and tongue-and-groove joints. Variable slot width: 1/16" to 11/16". $50

Allow For Movement

CMT Screw Slot Router Bits

Use these unique washer-head and flat-head router bits to create screw slots so that panels can be held in place but still move without splitting wood. $42

Create Cool Pens

Tropical Island Series Pen Kits

Make attractive pens –genuine white mother-of-pearl, abalone and coconut – with these kits available in two styles. Kits: $20-$30;

Name Your Shop

Workshop Sign

Put your shop on the map with this 15¾" x 9¼", two-sided, cast aluminum sign that you can personalize with up to 17 characters on two lines. $100

Conquer The Square

Pinnacle Clamping Square/Wedge

Keep a perfect square while assembling frames, cabinets and boxes with these clamping squares, or pair with the wedge to make a fixture for securing miter joints. Square: $35; wedge: $25; toggle clamp: $11

Sand In Comfort

Style-Line Soft-Sanders

Comfortable when used in any position, the six 5" blocks in this set feature three different densities and are designed to use every curve and surface for a specific purpose. $25

Tame Sharpening Tasks

Tormek TTS-100

Keep fingernail gouges and skews sharpened to precision with the Turning Tool Setter-100 that helps to replicate exactly the edge on bowl or spindle gouges. $25

Finish Projects Fast

Kreg Jig R3 Kit

Speed up projects with this pocket hole jig kit that features nine position settings, wood chip relief holes, clamp adapter and hardened steel drill guides. $40

Improve Paint Projects

Earlex HVLP Spray Station Pro

Quickly achieve an expert finish (no brush marks) with this Spray Station 5000 high volume, low pressure sprayer that supplies constant airflow. $300

Make Your Mark

Graphite Marking Tool

Change surfaces to create a variety of marks with this erasable, graphite marking tool that never needs sharpening. Marks on most building and household materials. $5

Master Veneer Cuts

Lynx Fine Inlay Saw

This cross between a veneer saw and a traditional backsaw features a super-thin, curved, alloy steel blade designed for cutting the finest veneers. 8½" length, 3" blade, ¾" depth of cut. $20


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