Mix-and-Match Picture Frames

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With magnetic personalities

Designer/Builder/Writer: Robert J. Settich

Overall dimensions: 4×6" frame, 5 9/16×7 9/16"; 5×7" frame, 6 9/16×8 9/16"; 8×10" frame, 9 9/16×11 9/16"

Everybody loves family photos, and now it’s easier than ever to create—and change—a dynamic montage of family, friends, and pets. Powerful rare-earth magnets imbedded in the edges make the frames grip together tightly for a secure display. But the magnets also release easily without tools, enabling you to change pictures in a flash.

The clever arrangement of the magnets (see Figure 5) allows you to link up the frames in a virtually unlimited number of configurations. You can easily switch between horizontal and vertical formats, and choose whether the corners of adjoining frames are flush or offset.

Perhaps best of all, you don’t need to pound nails into your wall to hang each frame. Simply mount the central 8×10" frame using its keyhole slots, and then magnetically join your other frames to create a grouping. If you want to adapt the frames for use on a table or mantel, make a pair of the simple feet shown in the photo above and in Figure 4.

Finally, if you’ve struggled with miters before, put an end to your worries with our easy-to-build table saw jig that cranks out crisp corners fast. In addition, the design cancels out errors, and a stopblock guarantees identical lengths. You’ll also love our easy spline-slot jig that uses a pair of toggle clamps for a rock-steady grip on the parts, ensuring smooth, safe cutting.

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