Keepsake Box

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A classy container with architectural profiles

Keepsake boxes are enduring favorite projects for many woodworkers. Some of these handcrafted wooden repositories are practical in design; others are elaborate and aesthetically pleasing while maintaining their functionality. This container, which is perfect for anyone, falls under the latter category. Its lavish lines and fabric-covered sections enhance its elegance, while its spaciousness and divided tray increase its utility.

The ornate profiles that set off this attractive repository are achieved with a handful of router bits that create architectural profiles you may recognize in your own home. For example, the box walls are shaped with a crown molding bit that is also used to help shape the feet here. And a table edge bit, which can also be used for staircase handrails, shapes the lid frame and its raised panel. Contrasting wood species (canary wood and leopard wood) add to the stylish design.

Miters make up most of the joinery, and the lid frame and box are reinforced with Domino tenons, though you can use splines instead (see below). The clever construction includes unusual techniques sure to challenge your woodworking skills, and the finished box will provide a gorgeous haven for jewelry, collectibles, and other mementos.

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