How To Make Your Own Sign

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Let’s begin with the MILESCRAFT TurnLock SignCrafter Sign Making Jig, Woodcraft Item #146219.  You can create professional horizontal signs in no time at all.  The ready to use kit includes templates, clamps, template guide bushing and carbide-tipped router bit. “Easy-To-Use” self-spacing templates ensure consistent signs every time with no measuring.


  • TurnLock™ technology 7″ universal router base plate.
  • Low profile C-clamps provide secure clamping without obstructing router operation.
  • 3″ to 36″ long signs up to 18 horizontal characters can be used at once.
  • 2-1/2″ horizontal character templates include letters and numbers.
  • 3/8″ core box router bits and 5/8″ metal-nose guide bushing.

Sign Making:

George demonstrates in these photos, the step by step procedure in routing a sign using the Porter-Cable 1-3/4 HP Router, Model 690LR, Woodcraft Item #143163WH with this kit. (This router is currently on sale through July 26th, 2012.)

Start by placing the letters in the guide rail for your particular sign. Add a guide bushing to the router.  A guide bushing comes with the SignCrafter Kit, but in this case George used a bushing from the 10 Piece Router Bushing Set with Case, Woodcraft Item #144625.  The guide bushing will ride along the letter track for cutting each letter required.

Next, place the sign material on the workbench and clamp the SignCrafter Kit down.  The guide rail can be clamped in a couple of different ways.  Double stick tape, screws for actual clamps as George used in this situation. He was in the process of making several different size signs, so this was the fastest method.  They all work equally well.

You may notice the blue painters’ tape which is used for protecting the material in clamping and layout marks.  George also used the tape to cover the filler/spacing letters as a reminder for himself not to cut into that area. Before George begins his routing, he double checks his clamps, just to be safe.

This first photo shows the depth stop.  The depth of cut is determined by the amount of contrast you want and the profile of the router bit.  Test several cuts on scrap before moving on.  When routing the letters, it is important to move slowly and keep the guide bushing touching the sides of the letter guide.  A successful cut is when the bottom of the letter is clean as this picture shows.  Depending on the depth of the router bit and the profile of the cutter you may need to make several passes through the center of the letter guides to have crisp letters.

The final step is to proportionally size and cut the sign material on the tablesaw.

Route the corners of the material with your choice of Roundover Router Bit selections from Woodcraft.

This King ColorCore material and SignCrafter Kit is a great combination for signs that will last a lifetime in an inside or outside environment.

TurnLock SignPro Deluxe Sign Making Jig

The MILESCRAFT Kit also comes in a SignPro Deluxe Sign Making Jig, Woodcraft Item #147862, which will accommodate vertical and horizontal sign creation.

Additional Milescraft Character Sets in 1-1/2" & 2-1/2" sizes along with a Base Plate and Template Guide are also available at your local participating Woodcraft store or online.

Milescraft Turnlock Additional Products

TurnLock SignPro Deluxe Sign Making Jig

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1-1/2 & 2-1/2" Horizontal Character Set For MILESCRAFT TurnLock Sign Making Jigs

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TurnLOCK Base Plate and Template Guide Bushing Set 1201


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