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Tool Sttool

There’s no shortage of readymade toolboxes, buckets and bags designed to hold all kinds of carpentry gear. But there are advantages to building your own toolbox. One is that you can customize your box to store exactly what you need. Even better: You can create dedicated parking spots for tools that get the most use, eliminating the aggravation of fumbling around.

That was the main idea behind this project. But as the design developed, my toolbox morphed into a stool that can also provide a work surface, a helpful step, or a seat for lunch. The design shown here offers ample opportunities to trick out end and back surfaces based on your own go-to tools. And by building your own tool tote, you’ll be adding to a tradition as old as carpentry itself.
It doesn’t take much in the way of hardware to build the tool stool (see Buyer’s Guide, p. 66). But it might be worth spending some money up front to acquire all the tools you want to store. My remodeler’s tool kit (p. 30) offers some useful suggestions, but you’ll probably have some other items you want to include in your own stool.

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