Freestanding Lumber Rack

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A modular solution for storing boards and panels anywhere

These free-standing racks hold both lumber and sheet goods without tying into your shop structure. Being modular, they’ll hold whatever lengths of lumber you commonly use, with the center section accommodating full-sized sheet goods. Each 6'-high × 2'-wide module includes a 71/2"-wide space in the center for 4 × 8' (or longer) panels. Two modules placed 2' apart positions an arm every two feet with only a foot of overhang at each end, which is plenty support to keep boards from sagging. (A strip of plywood placed across a set of arms creates a shelf for short offcuts.) You can store lumber on both sides of the rack; even if one side is placed against a wall, you can still slide long boards in and out from the end. Two modules fully loaded with 8'-long boards will hold more than 1,500 board feet of lumber. Lag screws in the feet allow for perfect leveling. The hardwood plywood arms extend 121/4", although you could make them longer. They’re terrifically strong when glued and screwed to their posts, which I made from 6/4 poplar. If you decide to use construction 2 × 4s for the posts, make sure they’re straight and dry, or your racks may tweak out of shape, as an early set of mine did

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