Folding Miter Saw Table

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Equipped with a great stop system, this folding miter saw table is adaptable for use on a workbench or as a freestanding work table.

As most woodworkers know, it is difficult to use a miter saw without some sort of table to support the workpiece and restrain the saw. In many large workshops, you’ll find a miter saw against a long wall, with a work surface at the same height as the saw's bed. But for most of us, this isn’t an option because of space constraints. 

The miter saw table you are about to build offers a solution to that dilemma, as well as mobility. It can be used atop a workbench (legs folded in) or as a stand-alone table (legs folded out). The design employs a simple angular wedge block that permits the legs to fold neatly in for storage, travel or bench-top use; and to rotate out, forming a stable, sturdy platform. 

The two-part stop system includes an upper stop for cutting to 44" and a sliding stop for cutting to 83". As you’ll see, the “flip design” of the latter is great for cutting multiple pieces to the same length.

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