Extreme Garage Shop Makeover-Part 4

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Garage Part 4

The Extreme Garage Shop Makeover continues from our previous three episodes which covered a general overview in part 1,  Tommy Mac’s tool cabinet in part 2, and the flip-top cabinet in part 3

In part 4, we take a look at a deluxe crosscut station, complete with a lumber rack storage area on the backside. In addition this unit features a tilt-out bin, sliding drawers, adjustable shelving, and customizable pigeon compartments. Designed by Craig Bentzley and built by Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk, this article is written by Paul Anthony and is featured in Woodcraft’s October/November Magazine, Issue #43.

This workstation has an auxiliary table with long extension arms (below) for cutting up to 78″ long boards, and a tilt-out bin (photo above) for cutoffs.

Talk about handy, you can even store your shop vac in a center area for hooking up to the miter saw.

This particular design has overall dimensions of 96″L x 48″W x 72-1/4″H. Joe and Paul had one weekend each on the base and scaffolding,

…another week on the cabinets, and yet another on the chop saw side of things.

Above, Joe braces the cabinet for attachment with a little tip and trick you’ll find inside this issue.

This project may take you as little as 3-4 weekends, uninterrupted time in an organized uncluttered shop or possibly more than 6 weekends, depending on your personal situation. You will find a Convenience-Plus Buying Guide (below) with pricing for all components, and a cut list for this project in issue #43. Depending upon your supplier and what type of wood you choose to use, this workstation will cost around $500-$600 to build, with at least $300 going towards the lumber.

Let’s go to Joe’s garage for more on the miter saw/lumber rack workstation and shop makeover…

Get to your favorite newsstand and pick up a copy of the Woodcraft Oct/Nov Issue #43 on how you can perform an extreme garage or work space makeover to produce the shop you’ve always wanted. You can also subscribe to Woodcraft Magazine HERE! Subscriptions may be at a special lowered price, you might just want to check that out!

One more blog forthcoming on this issue covering stackable stools, a two piece torsion-box countertop, an adjustable base cabinet, and that always needed storage rack for your clamps. We’ll help you make wood and your shop work, here at Woodcraft, stay linked!…Frank

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