Circle-Cutting Jig

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Round out your shop with this bandsaw sled

When it comes to making circular discs, I find routers outfitted with trammels to be loud and messy. I prefer to use my bandsaw, which I have outfitted with this very versatile jig. Basically a plywood sled that registers in my saw’s table slot, the jig makes for fast, safe, reliable work. In use, the workpiece rotates on a pivot pin that projects from a sliding bar, allowing lateral adjustment for circles of varying diameters. On my Laguna model 14-12 saw, I can cut disks from 3" to 30" in diameter. I use a 1/4" blade for most cuts on this jig. Capacity may vary, depending on the size of your saw’s table. 

The jig isn’t hard to build, and it will be an afternoon’s work well spent toward expanding your woodworking capabilities. I’ve used it to make cutting boards, tabletops, and circular steam-bending forms. A recent large telescope project required 23"-diameter disks for its rotating base. In another project, I made round ice-skate drying racks for a local club’s fundraiser. With this sled in your shop, you’ll have the excuse to explore the world beyond rectangles.

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