Camp Stool

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Leather and logs make for one sturdy seat

Designing this folding camp stool spurred a conversation with a fellow woodworker about whether it was a campaign stool or a camping stool. Campaign furniture—those dressers and trunks we envision being carried on the backs of elephants in colonial India or adorning Civil War era military headquarters tents—needed to be rugged, easily transported, and stylish enough to befit the military officers it served. Camping gear has similar requirements. It, too, should be quickly and easily knocked down, lightweight, and yet stout enough to survive frequent re-encampments. Though few of us travel to camp sites by elephant these days.

In the end, this stool fits into both worlds. It’s rugged owing to the straight-grained, rived legs and its thick buffalo hide leather seat. The clever tri-bolt lets it fold up but still hold plenty of weight. And it’s stylish enough for either a general’s tent or a late-summer campfire.

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