Butcher-Block Cart

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An end-grain top and draw-bore joinery for the ages 

Overall dimensions: 33"w × 26"d × 36"h

Every good cook has a selection of cutting boards in various shapes and sizes, but few have the real thing–a hefty end-grain chopping block like professional chefs use. A big advantage to an end-grain chopping block is that it doesn’t suffer the kind of damage that a face-grain cutting board does. With an end-grain surface, the knife edge slips in between the wood fibers rather than slicing them off, providing a very long-lasting working surface.

This checkerboard-topped butcher-block cart is built to serve generations of cooks. Solidly constructed with mortise-and-tenon draw-bore joinery, it provides nearly six square feet of food preparation area without sacrificing much kitchen real estate. Its drawer offers convenient storage for utensils and other kitchen accoutrements, while the slatted lower shelf can accommodate a variety of cookware. Heavy-duty casters that allow mobility around the kitchen will lock to provide a solid-footed workstation when slicing and dicing. Although you can use many different hardwoods, the maple and walnut used here are among the best choices for beauty and durability.

Note: The draw-bore joinery (shown in Figure 1) is an exceptionally strong, long-lasting, clamp-free way to assemble this piece. However, you can simply glue the mortise-and-tenon joints together if you like.

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