Build a Sturdy, Stylish Child’s Rocker

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Transform plywood into fun furniture with pattern-routing techniques.

Ready for action. The turned spindles in traditional-style rockers inspired the hole-and-slot treatment used to embellish the sides and back of this kid-sized version.

I can’t take credit for the design of this kid-size rocking chair; that belongs to fellow woodworker and writer Spike Carlsen. But not long after Spike provided me with the plans, I learned that my daughter was expecting twins. So the challenge became how to make a pair of matching chairs. Pattern routing is the solution. The investment you make in creating pattern-routing templates has a great payoff: Chair parts that can be created quickly, easily, and precisely. Plywood never looked so good. Once your buddies check out this project, they’ll be lining up to borrow your templates and create chairs of their own. 

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