Bubble in Veneer–The Fix with Jory Brigham Video Series

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Jory Brigham Demonstrates How To Fix Bubbles in Wood Veneering Projects

Another Installment of Our Video Series on Fixing Common Woodworking Mistakes or Problems

On this episode of The Fix, Jory shows us how he fixes it when he gets bubbles in the middle of his veneer. Using a little painters tape and Cyanoacrylate glue (two things us woodworkers always have on hand) Jory manages an absolutely seamless fix for a once daunting problem.

More About & From Jory Brigham

Get to know world-renowned designer and maker of handcrafted furniture on our Jory Brigham page. Content includes the rest of this video series, The Fix with Jory Brigham, and his series, Making a Handcrafted Chair. 


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