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Grow a home for your book and magazine collection

To me, no room is complete without at least a few books at hand. But not every room needs or has the wall space for an actual bookcase. After seeing a free-standing book “tree” used as a promotional display in a bookshop, I set about designing one that would look good in a residential setting. After making a series of sketches and models, I arrived at the design presented here. Its various widths and lengths of shelves allow it to display a nice array of printed matter as well as three-dimensional art work. The unit is well-balanced and looks good from all sides, so it doesn’t have to be against a wall. There are enough subtle angles involved to make the build suitably challenging without it becoming a real headache. Because of the size and weight of the trunk and the need to clamp things to it, I found it easier to do most of the work atop saw horses instead on my bench. I made my book tree from ash with cherry shelves, but feel free to vary the wood selection to suit your decor. 

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