Bland to Grand End Table

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We’ve all seen these end tables – they were a staple of every living room in the '80s, right? When I was “gifted” two of these lovelies, I gladly accepted knowing I could give them a new spin.

A few simple steps transformed the look from bland to grand. 

1.    Step 1 (after cleaning and a light sanding): 2 coats of Coastal Blue Milk Paint. I used a #10 Round Furniture Brush from Black Dog Salvage. I have found that these brushes are great for getting around table legs and spindles, as well as creating smooth results on large surfaces like tabletops. They are also much less tiring on the hand than gripping a regular paint brush. When I do a lot of painting with the other brushes, my hand cramps up. Not so with the BDS brushes!

2.    I didn’t get photos of Steps 2 & 3, so my apologies. Sometimes you just get in the zone! Step 2 was applying GF Pitch Black Glaze with a foam brush. I worked it into the grooves, then wiped it off with a clean rag, leaving remnants of the black to give it a little dimension.

3.    Step 3 – Using GF Seagull Gray Milk Paint, I created some light and dark contrast. With a foam brush, I brushed the gray onto the table’s sides and the top, and then quickly wiped it off, blending as I went with a clean rag

4.    Step 4GF Pearl Effects. I think the final “finessing” of a project – those little extra details that make it special – is truly when an artist’s creativity shines. So I really had fun with this part. With a shabby chip brush, I dry brushed some gold accents with Burnished Pearl Effects across the edges, tops, sides and legs of the table. I gradually built up layers until I determined I was finished. 

5.    Lastly, I added three coats of GF HP Flat Topcoat all over the entire table. I had repainted the original hardware with brown Rust-Oleum Hammered Spray. Put that back on and DONE!  

Bland to Grand

Creating interest with layers of color

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A little touch of shimmer from Pearl Effects


The Midas touch

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  • CB
    At what point in the process did you distress the end table? What did you use top distress it?
  • LH from Parkersburg
    CB - The table isn't actually distressed, it has some drybrushing with the gold GF Pearl Effects. Thanks!

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