Banking on a Classic

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Your local post office probably replaced its original bronze and brass P.O. box doors long ago with modern, efficient – and unattractive – aluminum doors. But these old doors enjoy new life in this easy weekend project.

You’ve probably seen these banks before, cleverly made using old post office box doors, in gift shops and catalogs. They’re usually priced competitively with similar crafts, but I’ve seen them going for $60 and up.

As you’re about to see, not only are the banks easy and inexpensive to make, but retired post office box doors are more available than you might think.

Although this project is easy, you should be warned that it carries a certain risk: After building your first one, you’ll start getting requests for many, many more. In fact, you’ll probably end up with a substantial list of people who would love to have them as gifts. The good news is that this project lends itself quite nicely to a production process that makes it easy to turn out several banks at a time.

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