Ball-and-Cup Game

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A turned toy that’s curiously addicting

With two kids of my own, and a handful of nieces and nephews of all ages making frequent appearances at the house, I take care to keep a few simple games and toys about to entertain them. I recently added this ball-and-cup game to my collection. The kids enjoy it as do their parents. In addition to all the fun you’ll have playing with it, I think you’ll find making the game teaches a few useful skills along the way.

Shaping and drilling the cup is a simple process—and you can alter the dimensions to fit just about any hand. Turning the sphere might seem tricky, but a simple shop-made gauge makes it easy and repeatable, so you can make everyone on your list a game of their own. And sphere-turning is a good skill to master for any turner. In fact, the toughest part of this addicting game is actually catching the ball in the cup. But trying to master that skill keeps the kids, cousins, and other kin entertained for hours. Meaning I can slip away to my shop and some other turning projects!

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