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Zuika Petty 120mm Powder Steel Knife

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The Zuika Series Knives, made from premium powder steel and finished to HRC65, are among the hardest knives made. Their blades feature a central core made of Hitachi ZDP189 powder steel sandwiched between two layers of SUS405 that makes them extremely sharp and durable. The carbon content of the double-beveled blades in this knife series is 3%. Each knife has an octagonal handle made from Japanese Zelkove/Keyaki with a buffalo horn ferrule.

Although the steel is very hard, it sharpens easily. We recommend using 4000- to 8000-grit stones.

Working in his Gihei Blacksmith Shop in Niigata, Japan, knife maker Atsushi Hosokawa has spent considerable time developing these unique Zuika Series Knives.

Handle length – 115mm
Handle width – 18mm
Handle to tip length – 245mm
Chin to tip length – 120mm
Blade height at chin – 29mm
Width of spine at handle – 2.6mm
Width of spine above chin – 2.18mm
Width of spine at middle – 1.86mm
Width of spine 1cm from the tip – 1.14mm
Weight – 65 g

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