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WoodRiver - Silicone Bench Mat 18" x 24"



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Our WoodRiver® silicone mats are the perfect accessory for your benchtop. Silicone resists most types of glue and finishes that woodworkers use, so it makes excellent glue-up and finishing mats for small projects, as well as sharpening mats for oilstones or waterstones. The mat keeps water and oil off your bench while providing a nonslip surface to prevent your stone from sliding. Plus the 2mm-thick soft, flexible mat also provides protection from dropped tools that might damage the bench surface. This 18" x 24" mat is great for larger projects or for setting up a sharpening station. Two or more mats can be combined to protect a larger surface. Not to be used for baking purposes.


• Perfect size for panel glue-ups

• 18" x 24" size

• Great for Sharpening

• Tough, flexible, soft and nonstick

• Resists most glues including yellow and white glue, epoxies and most CA glues

• Not to be used for baking purposes.

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1.0 out of 5 stars
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  1. 1.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Glue sticks

    I thought that the mat would not let glue adhere to it and it does somewhat but the glue is very difficult to get remove. I mainly use Titebond III and after the glue sits on the mat for a day, it is hard to remove. I expected the glue to simply wipe off or when sprayed with water it would come off. Might as well just use newspaper to catch the glue drips.

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