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Item 162861
Model QL-6

WoodRiver - WoodRiver Q-Lever Clamp 6-inch



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The rail of these WoodRiver® Q-Lever Clamps is designed for reliable gripping and holding a project with ease. The bar is made of high-quality steel. Feet allow this clamp to sit securely on the bench to free up your hands for properly clamping the project. The clamp locks with a ratchet arm that has a quick release, a type of mechanism that allows use of the whole force of the lever when gripping a blank, without slipping. The pressing jaws of the clamp have removable rubber pads that protect the surface of the blank from damage during gripping and holding. Throat depth is 3-1/4". The clamp provides 300-400 lbs. of clamping pressure.


• Single 6” Q-Lever Clamp

• Quick release

• 300-400 lbs. of clamping pressure

• Throat depth: 3-1/4”

• Dependable gripping

• Removable rubber pads

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