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Pure Tung Oil Gallon



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Give your projects a natural long-lasting finish with a product that is environmentally friendly – WoodRiver® Tung Oil. Tung oil, like walnut and linseed oils, is a well-known drying oil that produces a protective film on wood. However, unlike other drying oils, tung oil enjoys an almost mythic reputation for protecting and beautifying woods of all kinds. Our tung oil is completely natural, filtered to remove sediment but otherwise unprocessed. It is literally 100% raw tung oil and nothing else. Because our tung oil is a natural product (no attempt to remove fatty acids or change other qualities), there will be some variations in color and appearance. We believe WoodRiver® Tung Oil is the best raw tung oil you can buy.

  • 100% Pure Tung Oil

  • Easy to apply

  • Produces a rich lustrous sheen

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Werner John is not only a musician, but a man of many talents, including writing, recording, performing and teaching music using his own handcrafted Native American Flutes. As a young boy, Werner found a connection to nature growing up in the New York Hudson River Valley. With artisan parents and grandparents as an example and a woodworking father to learn from, Werner became a carpenter’s apprentice when he was 18, and worked in lumber yards for his college education. In addition to woodworking his other passion was music. As a musician in his 30′s, Werner found himself taking on 12 students left behind by his former Austrian instructor. This confirmed in Werner’s heart and mind that he had something to offer others in music education. He soon finished college and became a teacher, while performing and recording in Ashville, North Carolina.

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