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Model RA1552-8-5

Vallorbe - Fine Cabinet Rasp Half-Round 8in #5 Cut

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Vallorbe® Fine Rasps are very good rasps made with some concessions to lower the cost of owning a really, really good rasp. A good rasp is an essential for every shop and with care will last a long time. These machine made rasps will make you wonder why you ever bothered wasting your time with lesser quality tools. The surface tooth density isn’t as great as it is on the Premium line, but it’s enough to make them a joy to work.

General Rasp Information: Cut is expressed as a number. The
smaller the number the more aggressive/faster material is removed and the rougher
the exposed surface. The larger the number the less aggressive/slower material
is removed and the smoother the exposed surface. #5 and #6 are consider ideal
for woodworking as a compromise to offer a quick cutting action but leaving a
smooth surface. Also, the longer/larger a tool is the larger the cutting
surface of the tool and the more pressure that can be brought to bear on the
working surface making larger tools the tool of choice for faster stock

This 8" rasp is 20mm wide (widest point) x 5.9mm thick (thickest point), with a 7-1/4"-long, broad flat cutting surface clipped short of a point.

Usines Metallurgiques de Vallorbe
Usines Metallurgiques de Vallorbe or simply Vallorbe® was founded in 1899 and is located in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. Vallorbe® has over 100 years of technical expertise making files and rasps used in industries ranging from watchmaking to blacksmithing and woodworking. Their tools are considered among the best in the world, and we’re pleased to begin our relationship with Vallorbe® by offering a small range of both their Premium and Fine lines.

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