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Oneida Air Systems

Molded Super Dust Deputy Cyclone

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  • Use your existing blower to turn your inefficient, single-stage bag collector into a high efficiency, two-stage cyclone system that separates 99% of wood waste before it reaches the filter, resulting in virtually no filter clogging or reduction in airflow. Other benefits of this...

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    Use your existing blower to turn your inefficient, single-stage bag collector into a high efficiency, two-stage cyclone system that separates 99% of wood waste before it reaches the filter, resulting in virtually no filter clogging or reduction in airflow. Other benefits of this lightweight, molded resin Super Dust Deputy™ cyclone include reduced maintenance and elimination of dusty bags to empty. Get the available drum kit (#154756), or get creative and use your own! Any size or shape will work, as long as it’s airtight.
    • Lightweight molded resin has low center of gravity
    • Compact footprint with simple installation
    • Retrofits on 1 HP – 3 HP single-stage dust collectors
    • Approximately 24" height with 5" OD inlet and 6" OD outlet
    • Includes assembly gasket and hardware

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    4.8 out of 5 stars
    5 Reviews
    1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
      by on

      Amazing upgrade for my underpowered dust collector.

      I have the 1 hp shopfox collector and it was seriously struggling to collect from my sawstop pcs when I had it hooked up to a trash can separator. The cabinet saw has actually filled with dust twice with the old trash and separator. With this, I notice my air is cleaner in my shop and I haven’t experienced any loss of suction unlike the trash can separator.

    2. 5.0 out of 5 stars
      by on

      Another great cyclone...

      My wife bought me a HF dust collector last christmas and of course I had to add a cyclone. This is one big unit and well made. Works great, exactly as it should. Only small negative is it seems like it took forever to get all the right pieces to get it hooked up. Don't know why the inlet and outlet are different sizes. And getting pieces that fit on the unit. But overall, very happy with this product. Would recommend gladly.

    3. 4.0 out of 5 stars
      by on

      Great but installation Terrable

      I have the small dust deputy and love it except had to up grade to a 15 gal container. They should not sell it with a 5 gallon bucket I use it on a Festool sander and a Jet thickness sander. Contains 99% of dust. Now for the supper deputy. I have had it for a month but took 2 weeks to get it hooked up. Now Woodcraft sells some of the attachment fittings. Not so a month ago, could have bought them from Oneida, but just a small flyer stuck in the bottom of the box advertizing that. I'm using a Delta 1.5 hp vacuum that has a 4" or 7" connection. Called Oneida and they suggested I use a 4" connection even though it reduced the CFM 50%, why spend the money. Basically I had to experiment and use heating fittings that I modified and attached with to much duct tape. I spent 12 hrs over 4 days with to many trips to the Orange and Blue big box stores. Have it hooked with gates to a unisaw, 15 inch thickness planner, router table and a joiner. Very happy that it reduces dust and chips as advertized, about 99%. Oneida is one of the best additions to my shop, just lousy installation instructions and attachments. Oneida and Woodcraft need better installation support.

    4. 5.0 out of 5 stars
      by on

      Retrofit Info on Super Dust Deputy

      I bought this Oneida Molded Super Dust Deputy after purchasing a Supposedly 1 HP Portable Dust Collection System from another Woodworker Supply Online Service. I purchased the Super Dust Deputy System indirectly from Woodcraft. The LATEST RETROFIT INFO on this item is .5 HP to 2 HP. You will see it advertised 1 HP to 3 HP, and .5 HP to 3 HP but most say 1-3 HP which was the deciding factor in me buying the 1 HP Portable Unit with the Filter Bag to collect the debris. I ordered the SDD the day after ordering the collector and when the collector came practically nothing from the Manual matched the E-Mail or the Web Site Info about it but most importantly the HP was only .75 HP instead of 1 HP. I called to complain and they offered to take it back or offer me a $25.00 Gift Card in addition to the Mail-In $100.00 rebate because I decided to see if I could make the combination work. I called Oneida and the Tech said it would work because originally it was retrofit for the .5-3 HP Blowers. After it being on the market for a while they found out that the Blowers OVER 2 HP were causing the heavier particles to stay aloft in the smaller of the 2 Molded Cyclones and not fall into the receptacle. A temporary cure was shutting the blower off and back on again in a couple seconds to allow the debris to fall but that the units 2 HP and lower did not have this problem. The Taller SDD XL which has a 6" Inlet is Retrofit to 3-5 HP Blowers and has no problems that I have heard of. So I hope this info helps someone considering buying a Super Dust Deputy and what size blower to use on it. I finally got all of my parts together, using 6" flex hose instead of a 4" flex hose from Cyclone to Blower temporarily terminating into a 6" to 4" reducer to increase the efficiency of the .75 HP Unit with a 9.5" Impeller and a 5" pickup flex hose with a 5" to 4" reducer hooked up to a quick connect fitting made for a 4" flex hose. I plan on making a cart for the SDD and the 17 Gallon Wheeled drum assembly with a plywood mounting platform above it and have the blower on it's side with Inlet pointed down hooked directly into a 4" to 6" Adaptor and have that connected to a short length of 6" flex hose connected to the Cyclone to facilitate empting the 17 Gallon Drum. BTW, you have to buy a 6" adaptor from Oneida for the Cyclone Outlet connection because no other adaptor will work. Just tell them the size you want on the other side of the adaptor and whether or not you want it crimped. On the output side of the Blower I decided to not use the Optional 5 Micron Bag I purchased for it but instead I am planning to connect the output by 5" flex hose to a wooden Plenum Box with a flanged 5" input Port and attached to the Plenum Box two 2 Micron Canister Filters that are made for a Jet 12" Disk Sander. They come with a flanged 4" plastic fitting on the side I am mounting to the box and the other side terminates in a flange with a gasket that the Canister Filters just twist on and lock into place to the other side. I ended up spending more than I wanted to but the end product I think will be worth it. I eventually plan on replacing the .75 HP Blower and motor with a larger 1.5 HP Motor unit driving a Blower with a 12" Impeller and 6" Inlets and Outlets mounted the same way on the plywood platform above the Cyclone but this will allow the use of the full efficiency of the Cyclone with the increased size of the Inlets and Outlets which will create more CFM. One last thing I forgot to mention, there was a run of the SDD that had an oversized inlet which unfortunately I received. None of the 5" to 4" reducers I tried worked so I ordered the sheet metal one from Oneida which as the picture from the Web Site shows is supposed to slip right over the Inlet, WRONG. The ID of the reducer is smaller than the OD of the Inlet by something like .012". They sent me another one after they explained the problems with the product run to me. That one had a crimped end on the 5" side but before that came I managed to force a 5" flex hose over the end of the Inlet because I was getting impatient waiting to see how well it would work. After talking with the Oneida Tech he said that the 5" hose would be the better way to go given the smaller Impeller size of the blower and the .75 HP motor so the 5" flex hose has found a permanent home now. I hope I followed all of Woodcraft's guide lines in the review/report. The only Products I named was the Oneida Product and the Jet Disk Sander both of which they sell. Just trying to remedy some future headaches someone might have if they purchase this Product because besides the problems I had it truly is a Good Product and really sucks up the debris from my DeWalt DW735X 2 Speed, 4 Pole, 3 bladed planer. This is another item that Woodcraft sells that I highly recommend. Just don't make the same mistake I made and loan it to a friend because he'll fall in love with it. My friend insisted on buying it from me and paying me every red cent I paid for it. Now I have a brand new one. The last I heard they were running a special which included the wheeled stand for the planer for free and it is a regular $200.00 item, ok $199.99 for those of you who demand accuracy. Go make some sawdust and suck it up with this item, you won't regret buying it. Woodcraft also sells the smaller model that works with your shop vac that really works also and saves you money on shop vac filters.

    5. 5.0 out of 5 stars
      by on

      One of the best investments to date

      I have been wanting to improve my dust collection system for a long time, but could not come to spend the big dollars for a two stage system. Then when Woodcraft decided to offer the Oneida Super dust Deputy, I decided to give it a try. I waffled back and forth about which to buy, the ABS or metal model. I decided to try the ABS model. I opened the box and examined the contents and cyclone. I was impressed with the construction of the cyclone, with the built in air ramp and square inlet. Nice job Oneida. I found a 20 gallon steel open top drum to mount my cyclone on. The height was perfect, and it was easy to cut the opening in the drum and mount the cyclone. Oneida includes all the hardware parts needed, except I substituted a super sticky double stick foam tape, instead of using the foam that was supplied. I had to sleeve down the openings to 4". I had to purchase the hose adapters to reduce to a 4" hose to match my dust collector, Too bad they don't include the adapters to do this. I also had to heat the moulded openings to accept the adapters, but that was pretty easy. Just don't overheat the ABS. Connected the whole thing to my Jet DC-650 and mounted a separately purchased Dust Dog pleated filer canister and what a surprise. More volume, CFM's increased dramatically. On my first test run, I didn't replace the filter bag on the dust collector. A puff of dust came out but soon stopped. I pushed through some saw dust and fine dust and nothing came out. I was really surprised that this separator cyclone was getting everything before reaching the filter and filter bag. The only thing about a two stage is having the space to have one, I had to move some stuff around to fit mine in. But if you are tired of breathing hazardous dust and emptying that old dusty filter bag, get one of these, you'd be hard pressed to find a better solution. My Woodcraft salesman was wonderful and they are alway helpful.

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