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3" x 21" Redheat Ceramic Sanding Belt, 80 Grit



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Norton Red Heat Belts are designed with the professional woodworker in mind. Sanding belts featuring aluminum oxide have been the norm for professionals, while industrial woodworkers used a better abrasive. Now Norton is bringing this more powerful abrasive technology to the professional, as well as the everyday woodworker. Norton Red Heat Belts feature Ceramic Alumina Abrasive Grain that gives the belts a cut rate superior to anything on the market. The grain “micro-fractures” during the sanding process, leaving a razor-sharp edge throughout the life of the belt. And its symmetrically-shaped design leaves a much finer scratch pattern compared to other abrasive grains, allowing for an aggressive cut without deep scratches that might be seen after staining or finishing. Add a heavy cotton backing, and you have the ultimate in durability and longevity. Package includes one ceramic belt in 80G.
  • Extremely fast cutting for faster job completion
  • Long lasting for decreased material cost
  • Finer scratch pattern for better surface finish
  • Sand all types of surfaces from wood to metal
  • Highly durable with resistance to tear, heat and loading

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