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Item 151019
Model 7300

Easy Wood Tools - Mid-Size Detailer



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The beauty of these revolutionary new turning tools is not really the hefty, 15″ brightly finished maple handles, but the uniquely designed carbide cutters. Say goodbye to sharpening as these cutters, which add up to 20 additional hours of turning from each of the four-sides, are replaceable once dulled. Secondly, the cutter’s designed so that you don’t have to “find the bevel” when turning. Simply advance the tool slowly into the work piece and begin cutting straight in, or sweep the cutter from left to right, or right to left.

The Full-Size Easy Rougher hogs material off effortlessly by transferring cutting pressure directly to the tool rest and comes with the standard R4, 4″ radius cutter for roughing larger pieces. Optional cutters include an R2, 2″ radius used for finishing inside bowls under 8″ in diameter and a square head cutter for roughing and creating square inside corners.

The Full-Size Easy Finisher & Full-Size Easy Finisher features a round carbide cutter for inside work on smaller bowls, or for cutting coves on spindle work.

The Mini Easy Rougher is called a mini-rougher for a reason. It is a great roughing tool for small work, but is also capable of producing finish cuts.

The Easy Detailer is paried with a diamond shaped cutter that can be used as a parting tool, as well ascreating beads, coves, v-groves or a dovetail for chucking bowls.

The Pro Easy Rougher is a limited edition, with a laser engraved signature endorsement from David Marks that is equipped with a 20″ Bubinga handle (overall length 28-1/2").

There is no substitution for proper eye protection, so we recommend the Lexan® Chip Deflector which attaches to the shaft of the tool and helps deflect the massive amounts of material these tools remove.

Easy Wood Tool Mini’s - Easy wood has done it again! These mini tools feature all of the same benefits and qualities as their full size parents. The cutter’s are designed so that you do not have to “find the bevel” when turning. Simply advance the tool slowly into the work piece and begin cutting straight in, or sweep the cutter from left to right, or right to left. You will find these tools invaluable for those smaller more intricate turnings, such as pens, ornaments and smaller bowls, but they are ideal for roughing, finishing and detail work.


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