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Model MAPLE HR 2X2X6

Woodcraft Woodshop - Maple Figured Honey Roasted Thermally Modified 2" x 2" x 6"

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This kit includes the following items:

  • Maple HR 2x2x6
  • Label for MAPLE HR 2x2x6

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Roasted or Thermally Modified Wood, including this Figured Maple, offers stability and resistance to humidity and temperature changes – qualities that make it more attractive for a variety of building projects. Modification of the wood occurs during a process that uses high heat in a controlled atmosphere to improve wood stability. Other changes include the sealing of hydroscopic cellulose so wood resists warp and movement and the retention of the stiffness, strength, and integrity of the wood without the use of chemicals. Also, vibrational testing indicates Roasted Maple has a clearer tone than regular Maple, and the heating process darkens the wood – the longer it is heated the darker it becomes. We offer both Honey Roasted (HR) and Dark Roasted (DR) Wood.

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