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Sauers - Maple 7/8" x 250' Pre-glued Wood Edge Banding


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Edge banding is all-natural wood veneer that has been pre-sanded, backed, and pre-glued. It is precoated with a heat-activated glue for a permanent bond. Just iron it on!Natural wood7/8" x...

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Edge banding is all-natural wood veneer that has been pre-sanded, backed, and pre-glued. It is precoated with a heat-activated glue for a permanent bond. Just iron it on!

  • Natural wood
  • 7/8" x 250'
  • Pre-sanded
  • Pre-glued
  • Permanent bond

Due to the nature of wood movement, shrinkage and expansion are possible. Please measure each piece carefully before starting any project.

Wood is a product of nature, and as such, no two pieces are alike to start with, while the same wood growing in different locales can vary greatly even though it is the exact same species.

Thin Stock. The thin stock is cut to size from quality, kiln-dried stock. Dimensions are +/- 1/8" of size listed.

Carving and Turning Blocks. Blocks are sawn to +/- ¼" of size listed.

Plywood. Sizes are nominal. Dimensions are +/- 1/8" of size listed.


4.0 out of 5 stars
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  1. 3.0 out of 5 stars
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    Update to My Previous Review

    This is an update to my earlier review. I finished my cabinetry project, including dye, finish and installation. Several weeks later I noticed the edge banding had begun to lift in a couple of places -- it is fairly obvious because I used a semi-gloss finish. I don't know whether it was a particular roll. All seemed fine when I ironed it on and subsequently finished it. The water-based dye and finish may have affected the bond, though it shouldn't have given that the glue is non-water soluble (basically pre-applied hot melt glue). I plan to try to re-iron it using a test piece to make sure the heat from the iron will not damage the finish. An alternative is to inject a little yellow glue into the seam and to tape it down to dry. I'll report back on results. Still, given ease of installation and good results nearly everywhere else, I would recommend this product, but with caution, and not for high-end projects.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Worked great!

    I don't expect much from most "time saver" products, but the thought of cutting an applying hundreds of feet of solid maple strips to finish the plywood edges of some kitchen cabinets compelled me to try this product. First, it arrived well-packaged, in one continuous roll of very uniform material. The material looks good. The joints are not noticable. I had to look for them. The glue is evenly applied on the back side. The material did not stick to itself as it came off the roll. I applied it using an ordinary teflon-coated household clothes iron with no water in it, set on high. The glue melted easily. I found that the material did curl a little behind the iron, so I either held the freshly-glued part against the cast iron surface of my table saw to cool it or held an iron carpenter's level against it. Tapping on the edge with fingertips reveals any hollow spots. If it does delaminate, the glue re-melts easily and re-adheres. A skew low-angle block plane worked best to trim away the excess (skew angled inward). You can tell when you are almost to the plywood surface because the excess glue squeeze-out will begin to roll up beneath the plane. At that point, I switched to a random orbit sander with 100 grit paper, which trimmed it flush in one pass. The excess glue will stick to the bottom of the plane but it comes right off with a little mineral spirits. The glue line is minimal, allowing you easily to see if there are any "wide spots" that could be pressed a little tighter with another pass of the iron. All in all, this stuff works. My neighbor, who also is a woodworker, thought I had built my cabinets from solid wood until I showed him the edgebanding. So now you have two loyal customers!

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