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Item 422307
Model HR660

Kutzall - Grit Half-Round Hand File, 6", Fine (60 Grit), HR660

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Kutzall’s Grit 6" Half-Round Rasp 60-Grit (Fine), with a soft ergonomic grip, is a versatility specialist combining a rounded side for concave surfaces, edges and holes and a flat side for quick leveling and rounding over. Its multidirectional cutting ability allows you to quickly remove material in even the most confined spaces.

Kutzall® Grit Rasps utilize a coating of robust carbide grit particles. Rugged and super wear-resistant, they are best used on materials like foundry sand, soft stone, high-fiber-density composites, fiberboard, etc.

Kutzall® Hand Rasps are engineered to be the ultimate man-powered, hand-shaping instrument. These unique tools strike a fascinating balance between the shaping and smoothing function of a conventional file and the aggressive stock removal of a wood rasp. In addition, their construction makes them effective on materials like composites and soft stone, on which conventional steel-toothed files and rasps may work poorly or provide only a short working life. Each rasp is made with a rugged and long-lasting tungsten-carbide coating, offered in both Kutzall Original and Kutzall Grit versions. These options provide you with the choice of extremely long lasting file/rasps, which are optimized for either the most effortless material removal or a balance of material removal and durability on very punishing applications.


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