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Goodwipers - Rags White Wipers 2 lbs


Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin came to us with this offer of a 2-lb. bag of white cotton and cotton blend rags. Not all rags are created equal, but these are pretty good – ripped up T-shirts...

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Goodwill of North Central Wisconsin came to us with this offer of a 2-lb. bag of white cotton and cotton blend rags. Not all rags are created equal, but these are pretty good – ripped up T-shirts and such. If you don’t wear out T-shirts very fast to build up your rag supply, these are a pretty good deal. No secrets here, we buy them from Goodwill of NCW and sell them to you. Help a good cause and buy GoodWipers from us. You’ll be helping employ folks with barriers to unemployment learn as well as earn and helping Goodwill of NCW continue their good work.

Who is Goodwill and Goodwill Industries of NCW?

Goodwill is a network of 164 worldwide autonomous nonprofit charitable organizations. Goodwill Industries International is an association office that supports the independent Goodwills and is headed by Jim Gibbons, who has been the CEO since 2008. Goodwill Industries International is governed by a volunteer board and as such does not have an “owner.” As a nonprofit, Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin is “owned” by the communities it serves and is governed by a board of directors made up of volunteers.

In 2015, Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin served 63,701 people. The dollars Goodwill earns through donations and sales support its life-changing mission of Elevating People, Transforming Communities and its work in 30 programs and services. The GoodNeighbor program works through other service agencies in helping people in need by providing gift cards to our retail stores and training centers. Goodwill NCW gave away $841,352 of free merchandise in 2015 to 38,975 people. Nationally, CharityWatch, an independent organization that evaluates philanthropic organizations, gives Goodwill an “A” rating — one of the highest in the country for a nonprofit organization.”

Goodwill Industries of NCW utilizes the force of over 50 individuals with barriers to employment. They help them to learn job skills as well as social interaction skills. Partnerships within the community and businesses help to fund programs and bring meaningful work and lives to those served.


• Proudly recycled in the USA

• 2 lbs. of cut most cotton and cotton-blend T-Shirts

• A portion of proceeds benefits Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin

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